Liam och Danielle flyttat ihop!

It sounds like home really is where the heart is for One direction singer Liam Payne as he's just revealed that he and dancer girlfriend Danielle Peazer have shacked up together.

Danielle Peazer get's death tweets

Although they've only just moved in together, it's not all sunshine and roses as now that he's given up his bachelor pad, Liam's finding it a challenge to keep the laddish behaviour in check.

"I can't have it too messy or she'll have a go at me," Liam told The Sun.

We'd imagine that translates as it being time to hide the old pants and all those topless pictures of Niall under the bed, then.

Crusty tighty whities aside, it sounds like they haven't exactly had the chance to make it into home sweet home quite yet.

"We haven't been there long. My girlfriend's there alone most of the time. It's just a base really."

One Direction's Liam Payne is moving in with girlfriend Danielle Peazer

Sounds like it's pretty lucky Danielle isn't going out with Harry or Louis though as according to Captain Sensible, they are a bit lax when it comes to wielding the feather duster.

"One is really sloppy and one's a little sloppier. I am actually quite clean," Liam added.

- sugarscape


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